What did Thomas Aquinas say about Aristotle

What did Thomas Aquinas say about Aristotle

If you read Latin, you may find this helpful. The link below will take you the Latin texts of Thomas Aquinas’ commentaries on Aristotle.

Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Commentaria in Aristotelem.

The picture above is part of an image of Saint Thomas Aquinas “confounding” the Muslim philosopher Averroës (Arabic: Ibn Rushd). The whole thing is depicted below. Averroës and Aquinas both studied Aristotle, but Aquinas showed that Aristotle could be reconciled with Christianity. To do this, Aquinas had to correct what he considered to be “misinterpretations” of Aristotle made by Averroës.

In case you’re wondering, that’s Averroës on the floor below Aquinas. Apparently he’s been TKO’ed by Aquinas’ mental powers. Or he may just be sleeping, because he’s so bored. You decide.


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