Thematic Outline of Plato’s Republic

Thematic Outline of Plato’s Republic

This is a brief guide to help you navigate through Plato’s Republic.

Defining Justice
I.1. 327a—328b. Down to the Piraeus
I.2—I.5. 328b—331d. Cephalus. Justice of the Good Ol’ Boy
I.6—1.9. 331e—336a. Polemarchus. Justice of the Heir
I.10—1.24. 336b—354c. Thrasymachus. Justice of the Sophist

The Ring of Gyges
II.1—II.10. 357a—369b. Is Justice Better than Injustice?

Genesis and Order of the Polis
II.11—II.16. 369b—376e. Origin of the Polis
II.1—III.18. 376e—412b. Education of the Guardians
III.19—IV.5. 412b—427c. Constitution of the Polis
IV.6—IV.I9. 427c—445e. Justice in the Polis

Embodiment of the Idea
V.1—V.16. 449a—471c. Somatic Unit of Polis and Hellenes
V.17—VI.14. 471c—502c. Philosopher Kings
VI.19—VII.5. 502c—521c. The Allegory of the Cave
VII.6—VII.18. 521c—541b. Education of the Philosophers

Defective Forms of Polity
VIII.1—VIII.5. 543a—550c. Timocracy
VIII.6—VIII.9. 550c—555b. Oligarchy
VIII.10—VIII.13. 555b—562a. Democracy
VIII.I4—IX-3. 562a—576b. Tyranny

IX.4—IX.13. 576b—592b Answer: Justice is Better than Injustice

X.1—X.8. 595a—608b. Rejection of Mimetic Art
X.9—X.11. 608c—612a. Immortality of the Soul
X.12. 612a—613e. Rewards of Justice in Life
X.13—X.16. 613e—631d. The Myth of Er and the Judgment of the Dead

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